YouMinter’s IDO is coming to SmartPad!

2 min readNov 19, 2021


Dear community,

Early November has been quite eventful for SmartPad. However, there is no time to rest and we have more exciting news in store. We are pleased to announce that a new IDO on Aurora is coming to SmartPad! YouMinter is taking off at SmartPad on December 11th.

Backed by NEAR, YouMinter is a dApp, tailored to NFT enthusiasts, collectors, and artists. It allows artists to create communities of their fans and promote their artworks within the said communities. Their fans may stay in touch with their favorite creators, whilst the collector can amass and manage their NFT collections.

YouMinter’s IDO will have a whitelist, which is going to follow the tier system’s rules, allowing stakers to get their allocations based on the duration that they’ve continuously staked and the total aPAD balance.

SmartPad community has been provided with $225,000 of allocation in UMINT tokens, to be distributed among the most faithful members of our community. Tokens will be vested for the duration of 12 months, with 7% unlocked monthly and 16% available immediately after the TGE.

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About YouMinter

YouMinter is an easy-to-use iOS and Android app with a feed, followers, and likes which opens up the world of NFT to everyone. It allows to create, mint, and share NFTs on any blockchain with just a few taps.

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