WannaSwap IDO is coming to SmartPad!

2 min readNov 25, 2021


Dear community,

We are thrilled to unveil a new IDO that coming to SmartPad this month. On December 5th we will launch WannaSwap’s IDO — an Aurora-based AMM.

Any chain necessitates a proper platform for the assets exchange and WannaSwap is going to occupy this very important niche on Aurora EVM. Users will be able to become liquidity providers and swap between the ERC20 tokens.

The allocation for the IDO will be distributed according to the tier system rules, and any SmartPad member with more than 1000 aPADs will be able to take part, with the most avid stakers getting the largest allocation share.

$30,000 will be raised in WANNA tokens, priced at 0.05 USDT per token. A total of 600,000 tokens will be distributed between the PAD stakers and fully unlocked 1 hour after the IDO ends (06.12.2021 13:00 UTC).

The team at SmartPad is keen on bringing more IDOs to our launchpad to benefit our community members. If you are curious to check WannaSwap’s documentation feel free to visit the links to their socials.

About WannaSwap

WannaSwap is one of the first projects on Aurora EVM. They have built a DEX to enable seamless asset swaps and liquidity provision for the Aurora ecosystem.

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