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SmartPad is a cross-chain, B2B ecosystem that gives startups the flexibility to raise capital in a decentralized manner across multiple blockchains, aiming to become a partner on the forefront of Binance Smart Chain economy.

In addition to Binance Smart Chain, SmartPad will create a bridge between all of the Ethereum Virtual Machine blockchains, thus lowering the dependency of a single chain. Solana and Tezos blockchains will also be supported, therefore setting up SmartPad as a platform, which promotes an inclusive cross-chain economy of fostered innovations.

SmartPad is also looking to support the projects that are just starting up, by creating its own incubator as well as an online school for entrepreneurs. Moreover, investors will be able to communicate with founders and even invest in the project in real time during the video presentations, hosted on SmartPad platform.

Utilizing its products, SmartPad provides token holders with a number of advantages, including but limited to, better conditions when participating in projects launching at SmartPad, creation of project pools, governance and voting opportunities, and other benefits, exclusive to SmartPad token holders, thus allowing it to become a second-generation launch pad.

1. Introduction

IDOs are a very prominent trend in the DeFi ecosystem and a solid fundraising choice for many upcoming startups. However, current launch pad space is plagued by the multitude of problems. Among them we can identify an over restrictive nature of launch pads, which are typically single-chain-focused. Majority of launches are held on Ethereum and technical difficulties surrounding the cross-chain token deployment, prevent teams from holding IDOs on multiple chains.

At the same time, the lack of transparency makes room for an unfair whitelisting process, disrupted by the bots and backroom deals, thus, excluding the users from taking part in the number of IDOs. Some projects are given preferential treatment by the centralized nature of the listing process and the lack of trust and due diligence in projects on Binance Smart Chain may turn teams away from launching on this particular chain.

Enter the SmartPad, a cross-chain, B2B ecosystem, designed to provide solution to the existing launch pad issues. SmartPad aims to bring prospective investors a list of high quality projects, by analyzing them in advance and incentivize its community members to bring in other projects they deem useful to the platform. At the same time, SmartPad extends its support to startups, allowing their team members to concentrate on polishing their product and market it correctly, rather than worry about the fundraising process.

Its position as a cross-chain IDO platform offers SmartPad an opportunity to launch an IDO on a single or multi-chain at the same time, while also creating a synthetic pair on chains, other than the native blockchain. These non-native tokens can then be utilized to create the reward incentives on other blockchains with the help of synthetic farming. For example, if a token is originating on Ethereum, its synthetic version can be staked on Binance, to generate yield in BEP-20 Synth equivalent.

Furthermore, as avid decentralization supporters, SmartPad’s team is looking to bring more power into the hands of its community members by providing them with necessary tools for pools and whitelisting creation and enable them to take a more active role in the life of SmartPad ecosystem by the means of governance and voting.

2. SmartPad products

2.1 SmartPools

Any community member who owns PAD will be able to create a SmartPools for projects. These pools will be divided based on the price type. At release, fixed and linear price type will be available with hyperbolic price pools coming later. The pool creator will determine whether the price is set throughout the pool’s presale process or changes according to a linear slope with the start price and end price clearly determined. When the hyperbolic price pools are launched, the price will move according to a hyperbolic curve with a fixed start and end prices.

2.2 SmartStaking and Lottery

SmartStaking is another unique feature SmartPad brings to its community. It would allow to generate liquidity provider token aPAD, which serves a number of different purposes including early access to pools and ecosystem’s governance.

In addition, SmartPad plans to solve the current issues within the whitelisting environment by introducing a lottery system with a fully transparent selection process. When staking PAD, users will get a chance to participate in the lottery to win a ticket.

Tiers would be assigned to users based on the amount they have staked with each tier offering a certain amount of lottery tickets. The higher it is — the more tickers are distributed. These tickets will not be transferable and will be burnt when a user participates in the IDO.

2.3 DAO voting and due diligence

SmartPad utilizes the DAO voting and ecosystem partners, who will be responsible for the due diligence of each project listed on SmartPad. We are also bringing an internationally diverse approach to decentralization by inviting the veteran DAO members from different regional ecosystems such as China, India and Western countries, thus attuning to the interests of multiple regions.

Our platform will provide an in-depth project reports from its institutional partners and DAO infrastructure, to deliver more profound insights to investors who are looking to take a deeper dive into the projects that launch on the platform. Any project will be able to submit an application to our incubator or to organize an IDO. The application will be submitted via blockchain and DAO will decide whether they are worthy to be accepted into our ecosystem.

2.4 Smartathon

Smart hackathon will be a place, where the new ideas are generated for those startups currently in need of an original product. They will also be able to receive suggestions for growing, if they have already launched a project. Via this feature, SmartPad will guide new startups through all the necessary steps needed to launch a successful Hackathon. An online school for entrepreneurs will be created, where the industry’s leaders will act as mentors to the inexperienced startups.

3. PAD token

A total of 1,000,000,000 PAD tokens will be issued. With the current plans to lock the team reserves for a year and bi-monthly availability of claiming, only presale participants and those who purchased them from token holders on exchanges will gain access to PAD tokens.

Owning PAD tokens nets you some additional benefits when it comes to platform usage. Pools creation will require a certain amount of PADs and allow early access to pools when this feature releases. Staking will also be available for PAD tokens and it will reward users with aPADs.

aPAD token holders will be able to participate in the ecosystem governance and voting, further discussed in the use cases chapter. They can also be utilized in multi-farming at other platforms such as Uniswap or PancakeSwap or burnt, unstaking the tokens and generating rewards in the process.

4. Use cases

4.1 Governance / Voting

When it comes to aPAD tokens, they will be essential for the SmartPad’s governance. From our perspective, allowing community members to partake in the governance is crucial to ensure project’s long-term prosperity. We will create a forum for the community members, where the latest improvements to the ecosystem will be discussed.

aPAD holders will also be eligible to participate in voting, aimed at bringing in only the projects best suited for platform’s current needs. It is important to point out, however, that governance and early access to pools will not available at launch. We outlined their release schedule in our roadmap.

4.2 Pool’s creation / Whitelisting

The great thing about pool’s creation feature is its accessibility. One does not need to be a whale to create a pool. Any user, who owns a certain amount of PAD will get an opportunity to create a pool he wants. However, they will also be the one responsible for providing pool details such as project’s name, URL, beginning and end date, whitelisting application and other details.

Our main goal here is to enable our users to create pools themselves, by offering them a wide variety of presale tools. If we compare it with the centralized approach of platforms such as Polkastarter, our platform is structured in a decentralized manner. Instead of holding users’ hand, we open up the sea of possibilities for them to explore.

4.3 SmartUps / Incubator

In line with the educational aspect, we are also planning to host an incubator. There, the best projects will be nurtured from the very early stage, with experienced market participants teaching them all the necessary knowledge to avoid making mistakes.

The incubator finalists will be supported by SmartPad’s community members, who will be incentivized by better participating conditions when investing in these projects as well as the additional rewards for promoting projects via social mining.

Furthermore, startups will be provided a direct pitching line to the investors via video presentations SmartPad will host. Strategic investors will be able to communicate with founders in real time and even invest during the pitch, since tokens could be issued and traded in real time. Investors will also be able to provide liquidity to the projects under the best conditions, thus, increasing projects’ TVL.

5. Roadmap

- Platform launch, SmartStaking, SmartPools (fixed and linear prices) — 31 May 2021

- SmartPools early access and whitelist, Governance, Lottery, Hyberbolic price SmartPools — July 2021

- SmartUps and Incubator, Solana and Tezos bridges, Smartathon, DAO voting — Q4 2021




Cross chain, B2B ecosystem that gives startups the flexibility to raise capital in a decentralized manner across multiple blockchains