SmartPad: Upcoming Pools And Features

Dear community,

Many things have happened since our last update. So let’s dive straight into the news.

Last week we noticed that when the platform first launched, there was a mistake in the formula. As soon as we became aware of this issue, a fix was implemented to recalculate it to a proper amount. This significantly affected most of the users’ token balances. The team came to understanding and decided to reimburse the funds from their personal token allocation.

Since then, our developers were working tirelessly on implementing the final and the correct version of the token balance. Last evening a fix was implemented, and you should now see that your balance has been restored. Those who claimed a lower amount last week will be able to claim an additional time following these recalculations.

On the side note, we are thankful that you actively engage with our CBDO, and we promise to up our game with social network management. Right now, we are working on attaining sustainable growth of our Telegram and Twitter userbases. In our opinion, this is essential to project’s long-term prosperity.

As promised, we would like to announce the new feature coming to the platform next month. This will be a new type of pools — hyperbolic price pools. In the case of these pools, start and end price will be set by the pool’s creator, whilst the price movements would occur according to a hyperbolic curve. This would ensure a more attractive distribution of rewards over the pool’s duration.

Our final pool list will consist of several sections. Highlighted and featured pools will be the ones we specifically promote as SmartPad, with additional incentivization to our holders. Active pools will be the ones, where the presale is in progress, also including those projects our community brings in. The upcoming pools section will spotlight the upcoming additions to the SmartPad platform. Lastly, the closed and finished section, we believe, speaks for itself.

In addition, pool editing will be implemented, allowing pool’s creator to change the social links. However, this will not include the option to edit finance-related features, as we don’t want sudden changes to the investors rewards in the middle of the sale.

We hope you found this post useful. We are going to keep you up to date with the planned features in our pipeline.

Best wishes,
SmartPad team.




Cross chain, B2B ecosystem that gives startups the flexibility to raise capital in a decentralized manner across multiple blockchains

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Cross chain, B2B ecosystem that gives startups the flexibility to raise capital in a decentralized manner across multiple blockchains

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