SmartPad — Ahead of the Curve

Dear community,

In this article, we would like to cover our competitive advantages relative to the existing platforms on the market. So let’s dig right into it.

Our main goal is to provide our users with a set of useful presale-related tools, readily available to a regular consumer, instead of positioning ourselves as another platform with huge paywalls and lack of decentralized approach when it comes to pool’s creation.

Thus, when a regular DeFi user compares us with more centralized launchpads, we stand out with by offering a greater availability of customizable features. In addition, by being a cross-chain-oriented platform we are able gain an edge over competition, since we can launch projects on multiple chains at the same time.

Our token holders will be eligible for exclusive allocation and early pool access. Separate pools will be launched for token holders, similar to the ones on Polkastarter. However, our price would be much more accessible to a regular user.

In addition, most launchpads are limited by their focus on complicated whitelists, which may prevent certain users from accessing their platform and participate in sales. In the case of SmartPad, users will be able to organize customizable whitelists themselves, thus inviting more of the potential participants other platforms might miss out on.

Our user interface will be simple enough to provide all of the necessary features to the projects, while remaining intuitive and easy to use. In addition, platform’s governance establishes a vehicle for supporting user participation, providing them with an opportunity to vote the prospective projects in. Our unique lottery system would ensure that situations when a single person owns the large number of project shares are avoided.

Furthermore, nothing custodial exists over at the server side of SmartPad’s platform. Data pool such as whitelists and pool descriptions would be located over at IPFS, provided by the pool creators themselves. Platform users will be able to upload metadata about every project such as name, description, url, whitelist, etc. and authenticate users via signature by utilizing IPFS technology.

Lastly, we would also like to mention that in addition to anyone’s ability to create a pool, we are constantly looking out for quality projects to promote them on our platform. Therefore, if a project is interested to launch on SmartPad, they are welcomed to contact us. If we decide that it truly benefits our community members, we will actively promote it.

We hope you found this article useful. We are looking forward to spotlighting more features with you as we are gearing up towards the upcoming launch on May 31.

Stay tuned to our news!
SmartPad team




Cross chain, B2B ecosystem that gives startups the flexibility to raise capital in a decentralized manner across multiple blockchains

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Cross chain, B2B ecosystem that gives startups the flexibility to raise capital in a decentralized manner across multiple blockchains

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