PembRock IDO Announcement

2 min readMay 3, 2022


A new IDO is coming to SmartPad!

We are thrilled to announce that we will be hosting the launch of PembRock Finance on SmartPad. PembRock Finance is the first leverage yield farming application on NEAR Protocol. Managed by the community, it allows the participants to increase their stake with borrowed funds and maximize their yields.

PembRock Finance IDO will take place on May 16th, beginning at 5:00 UTC. Users would have to be whitelisted in order to participate. Please consult our step-by-step participation guide if you have any questions about the pre-IDO procedure.

Users are also required to register on the corresponding pool page to join the whitelist.

PembRock Finance has provided us with 1,000,000 PEM tokens to be distributed between the whitelist participants. The price of 1 PEM during IDO will be 0.1 USDT. 40% of the allocation will be unlocked at TGE, with the remaining 60% unlocked over the next 6 months (10% per month).

The maximum purchasable amount during FCFS is 1% of the remaining allocation per transaction.

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About PembRock Finance

PembRock Finance is the first leveraged yield farming protocol built on the NEAR blockchain. Users can provide liquidity, farm with leverage, stake, and take governance decisions to secure the future of the platform, all on a fast, secure, cheap, and user-friendly blockchain.

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