PAD is now available on Polygon

Dear community,

We are thrilled to announce that Polygon migration has been completed!

Please make note of PAD’s official address on Polygon:


With the help of our partners at Allbridge, we are launching a bridge between Ethereum and Polygon for PAD. If you are interested to transfer some of your PAD tokens check out their solution.

As you know, staking is very important for participating in SmartPad’s IDOs. No longer do our stakers have to pay higher Ethereum fees. You can now access the Polygon network’s staking with much lower fees and a smoother user experience.

We would like to issue a brief reminder to the existing holders. If you are keen on keeping your allocation score, the unstaking is not necessary. On the contrary, it may hurt your allocation size as it depends on the duration of holding, which obviously terminates when you unstake.

Polygon staking is an additional tool that you may use to increase your allocation further. To raise your allocation score, simply stake from the same address on Polygon, enjoying the benefits of lower fees.

Many of you have been asking for listing in addition to the bridge and staking. We are pleased to say that PAD has been listed at QuickSwap DEX. Visit their platform to get a hold of more PADs.

We have more exciting news to share with you about the upcoming additions to the whitelist. So watch out for our updates!

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