PAD is coming to Polygon soon

Dear community,

We have plans underway for the upcoming transition to Polygon. As promised, after the successful launch of Ariadne IDO, we are going to expand the availability of PAD token to Polygon.

The Ethereum fees are quite hefty at the moment, and the network is overly congested. Therefore, in the best interest of our users, we are going to launch PAD staking on Polygon to reduce the fee pressure. We are partnering up with our friends at Allbridge to bring PAD token over to the Polygon network. Ethereum to Polygon bridge for PAD is set to launch by the end of this month together with staking.

Please keep in mind that staking on Ethereum and on Polygon will both count to your allocation score, provided you are using the same address. Even more so, unstaking would mean that your allocation will be reset.

The division of staking between two networks would mean the creation of two separate farming pools, where rewards will be distributed proportionally based on the pool’s size from a total pool of 6 250 000 PADS. We would like to warn in advance that due to the existing staking system, Polygon rewards contract will be replenished only at the end of November.

What it means, is that unstaking on Polygon will only yield rewards starting December. Early unstake (in November) will be subject to retroactive rewards, so you will be able to unstake early and receive rewards at a slightly later date (in December) when you stake and unstake again.

We hope you are excited about the upcoming launch of the PAD token on Polygon. Let us know what you think.



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