Launching Allbridge IDO and plans for October

SmartPad’s first IDO launch has been completed with flying colors!

We are excited to have successfully launched our first IDO with Allbridge. As a modular and expandable bridge, Allbridge is a pioneer for the cross-chain space of the DeFi market. Moreover, we are about to enter into a partnership with them to expand our capabilities as a multi-cross-chain launchpad to provide IDOs on multiple platforms simultaneously.

We are proud to say that we did an excellent work of ensuring that the launch goes smoothly. More than 80% of the allocations have been already distributed to participants and we hope they enjoy the proceeds.

Allbridge’s token, ABR, has been performing extremely well post-launch, trading at nearly 15x times its original price of $0.2. It is available at Uniswap, Raydium, and Orca exchanges. We hope our platform users found this launch to their liking.

Over the course of the next month, we are going to finish our complete rebranding and integrate with Allbridge. There are some more quality of live improvements coming to the platform as well as more partnerships announcements. Once again, congratulations on the successful launch and stay tuned for more as we are entering the month of October.

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