Dear community,

We would like to make a statement following this week’s AMA session. We have to admit that the state of Greedy as of right now is unacceptable to launch on the SmartPad platform. When the launch was discussed with its team, we understood that it would not be possible to deliver the project in a presentable state before the deadline of September 15th.

It is our responsibility to ensure the quality of the projects that we launch and we don’t want to tarnish the reputation of the first IDO. This is why we undertook the difficult decision to cancel Greedy’s IDO.

Multiple comments were made regarding the initial promises to deliver cross-chain functionality to SmartPad and the great opportunity presented itself. We found just the project which could offer us the tools that we needed to implement cross-chain support for our platform. And the timing was perfect to seize the opportunity for offering our services as a launchpad.

Therefore, we are happy to announce that we will be entering a strategic partnership with Allbridge — a modular and expanding token bridge with on-chain consensus. It’s a simple, modern, and reliable way to transfer assets between blockchain networks. With its support, we will be able to provide the cross-chain access we initially promised as well as deliver a great substitute project for Greedy.

Despite the delay, we are proud to be the platform to launch such an exceptional project like Allbridge, which achieved tremendous growth over the last couple of months. Its ever-growing community and number of big-name partnerships with Saber, Polygon, and Impossible Finance would make a valuable addition to SmartPad. Even prior to the IDO, they’ve already delivered a working product, allowing to bridge the gap between blockchain networks and made the cross-chain experience simple and convenient.

Allbridge’s IDO is set to launch on September 21st. We are happy to say that Allbridge will be using the SmartPad platform as one of the two platforms for its IDO, in addition to Solana launchpad Boca Chica.

We understand that another delay to September 21st is going to result in further criticism from the members of the community and we take full responsibility for our decision. However, this was done by having the best interest of the SmartPad community in mind. We sincerely believe in Allbridge’s vision and this partnership will elevate the quality of our platform.

Throughout the following week, more details will be provided about Allbridge IDO in our series of pre-launch announcements. Stay tuned for our news to learn more about Allbridge!

SmartPad team

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