Greedy IDO Date Announcement

Disclaimer: The article will be continuously updated with more details about the upcoming IDO. Please keep in mind that some of the numbers might change prior to the launch date.

Dear community,

The time has come to finally reveal the date for the Greedy IDO. The launch date is set for September 15!

Very soon some of you will be able to get the tokens of the put options platform. If you are interested to learn more details about Greedy, please consult our previous article on the subject.

But for now, let’s dive straight into some of the allocation numbers.

25,000,000 GREED tokens out of the total 100,000,000 supply will be allocated to SmartPad IDO! The starting price would be $0.001 per token. One hundred participants will be selected via lottery for a total raise of $25,000.

Straight after the Token Generation Event, 10% of the tokens will be available to participants. The rest of 90% tokens will be subject to vesting with 10% monthly unlocks.

You may find full allocation details below:

We have also attached a brief explainer about farming in Greedy.

The red line depicts the expected price, while the black one depicts the real price.

Within green areas 1 and 3, staking works according to set guidelines.
Within red areas 2 and 4, staking stops working, and rewards are no longer accrued to users. Tokens, allocated to staking are burnt instead. This reduces the emission and increases APY, due to people exiting staking, which in turn pushes price beyond the expected value.

At the moment we are preparing the platform to host Greedy IDO and make sure that the launching process goes smoothly. We are looking forward to seeing you participating in the IDO when it finally begins!

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Signing off,
SmartPad team.

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