Get additional rewards with Smartpad launch promo code

With the help of our incentivization program, we offer our users a chance to get more tokens in exchange for inviting additional participants to our fundraiser.

If you didn’t use the promo code, your reward is solely based on the amount of Ethereum you spent, taking into account the finalized price of the tokens at the end of the fundraiser.

However, by using your personal promo code you are eligible for the additional rewards. The one who invites is rewarded with a 5% cashback from the total amount of Ethereum raised. In addition, he will get 5% from the total Ethereum raised by the ones he invites in the form of tokens.

This number is also influenced by the coefficient, derived from the day the invite has been issued, which can get as large as 1.5 on Day 1, proportionally decreasing to 1.1 on Day 5. The invitee is rewarded by 10% in tokens and can also become an inviter and make use of the referral bonuses.

Take advantage of the referral program and claim the additional rewards!

We have also prepared a detailed description of Smartpad’s tokenomics down below


Fundraising amount:

Team round: 20000000 (2%), subject to vesting
Seed round: 80000000 (8%), subject to vesting
Liquidity mining: 150000000 (15%), subject to 2 years linear lock
Liquidity pools: 150000000 (15%), lock n/a
Development incentives: 150000000 (15%), subject to 2 years linear
Marketing incentives: 200000000 (20%), subject to 2 years linear lock
Ecosystem incentives: 150000000 (15%), subject to 2 years linear lock
Community building: 100000000 (10%), subject to 3 years linear lock

Total token supply: 1000000000

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