BlueBitFinance IDO announcement

1 min readFeb 17, 2022

We would like to announce our new IDO. BlueBit Finance — an efficient yield farming aggregator on NEAR’s Aurora EVM is set to launch on SmartPad on March 8th.

BlueBit IDO will begin at 5:00 UTC with the usual whitelist rules applied to the participants. Please use the following Google Forms link to register for the upcoming IDO.

600,000 BBT tokens will be provided to the SmartPad at a price of 0.25 USDT per 1 token. 40% of tokens will be unlocked on TGE day with the remaining 60% unlocking over the course of the next 3 months (20% per month).

Lastly, starting with BlueBit Finance’s IDO, we are introducing a new whitelist mechanic. Users would have to stake PADs for 7 days minimum to be eligible for the IDO. This will not affect the existing system drastically and benefit the longevity of the SmartPad ecosystem.

About BlueBit Finance

BlueBit is a decentralized yield aggregator protocol built on NEAR’s Aurora EVM that offers a full set of farming solutions. The BlueBit Protocol is dedicated to providing DeFi users with various of risk tolerances with more secure, more accessible and more efficient farming experiences.

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