Ariadne partnership announcement

Dear SmartPad community,

We are excited to bring you news about our new partnership proposal with Ariadne, a cross-chain farming platform. We’ve been working tirelessly on developing new ways to reward PAD token holders in addition to the low cap IDO launches, and this is another idea we came up with. What’s great about this partnership is that it provides reward incentives to SmartPad users.

By joining forces with Ariadne, PAD holders will get an opportunity to become LPs and get farming incentives on best yield farms. Third-party farms will be used for LPing, providing additional revenue for PAD holders as well as deflationary pressure to the PAD token. We believe that this is the perfect time to implement a feature like this, considering that many of the IDOs were postponed.

In the beginning this feature will operate in the test mode, with a low investment and without generating ARDN tokens. A limited amount of tokenized farms will be introduced, with small LP allocations to each. As we start rolling it out, the investment cap will increase, and you will be able to deploy more initial liquidity to the third-party farms to reward users with ARDN farming incentives.

Going down this road means that in the future, PAD holders will get a possibility to organize consensus and create yield farms for new projects joining pad, providing them with liquidity in exchange for PAD tokens.

At the time when we are preparing low cap projects for IDOs, we are also experimenting with other sources of bringing value to SmartPad users. This initiative stands to largely benefit PAD holders as this ensures another vector of development, whilst providing new ways of generating additional value.

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