Ariadne launches from SmartPad

Dear community,

The dust has settled after the successful launch of Allbridge’s IDO. We were happy to receive a lot of positive feedback following the ABR listing and deliver on our promises.

Continuing the tendency of assisting our partners with the launch, we are excited to unveil our new IDO. Ariadne — a cross-chain farming platform, is coming to SmartPad on the 4th of November!

Back in July, we’ve made a partnership announcement with Ariadne regarding the additional farming incentives for PAD holders. We are taking the first step in ensuring that this partnership bears fruit by becoming a launchpad for their token launch.

SmartPad users will be offered a 25,000 USDT allocation in Ariadne tokens (ARDN). We would like to point out that, as was the case with Allbridge, this will be a multi-platform launch. Over the course of the next few weeks, we will be sharing more details about the whitelisting process.

Learn more about Ariadne by visiting the links we’ve provided below. Stay tuned to our news channels to learn further details about the upcoming IDO.

About Ariadne:

Ariadne is a cross-chain DeFi marketplace that is lowering the fees to enter/exit farms on multiple blockchains and saves swaps and bridges costs for both EVM and non-EVM chains.

Ariadne enables users of any supported chain to enter/exit yield farms on a multitude of blockchains, with virtually no lower limit of investment, and without having to deal with bridges, swaps and slippage, transaction costs on receiving blockchains etc.

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